Mid Florida Conference Referee Schedule >
Court12345678910111213141516 R&RR&RR&RR&RR&R
10:00AngieKeishaLisaJonNickyVictoriaLynnAnaliseDomiKathyaVeroAlfredoBobMichelle ChiaraBarryTracyODianaBlack
11:00AngieBlackLisaJonNickyVictoriaLynnDianaDomiChiaraKathyaTracyOBarryAlfredoBobMichelle AnnaliseVero
12:00AnaliseBlackLisaJonKeishaVictoriaLynnDianaVeroChiaraKathyaTracyOBarryAlfredoBobMichelle AngieNickyDomi
01:00BlackNickyAnaliseKeishaDianaVeroAngieKathyaTracyOBarryLynnDomiCrowderJon LisaVictoriaMichelleAlfredo
02:00ChiaraBlackLisaJonKeishaVictoriaLynnAnaliseBobAngieNickyDianaBarryMichelleDomiAlfredo TracyOKathyaVero
03:00ChiaraKathyaLisaJonVeroVictoriaDianaBobTracyOMichelleDomiAlfredo R&RR&RR&RR&RR&R

All Matches best 2 of 3 sets. Sets 1 & 2 to 25 points win by 2. Third Set to 15 win by 2.

Warm ups: 2 mintues shared court, 4 minutes full court by the serving team, 4 minutes full court by the receiving team

Coint Toss: If you got em use em, else Rock, Paper, Scissors

Problem(s) find Dave or Ricky -- we will both be floating around

Serving - must serve with both feet on WOOD.

Libero(es) - teams can play with TWO (2) liberoes